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    • Top 5 Things to Consider BEFORE you Quit!

      There was a time when I was so fed up with the corporate BS at my job, I wanted to scream at everyone I felt didn’t

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    • Apr


      The Business of Golf at Arrowhead Country Club

      Do you feel like you are missing out on key business opportunities because you don’t play golf? Golf provides business, networking, and fitness benefits. The secret sauce of golf is CONNECTIONS.

      Guest speaker Tiffany Fitzgerald, founder of Black Girls Golf, will discuss how golf is equated to business success and the basic things you need to know about golf to get started. Women are encouraged to attend!

      This workshop includes:

      Guest Speaker
      Putting and Driving Range Instructions with a Golf Professional
      Putting Competition
      Food and Networking 




      PRCA Montgomery Chapter Meeting



      Alabama Leadership Conference

      Join me as I speak at the Alabama Leadership Conference at Troy University. Topic: How to build your Legacy

    • Top 5 Ways to Master Your 30sec. Pitch

      (Even without a job!) You don’t have to be an entrepreneur, or even have a job, to answer the question, “So what do you do?” Your 30 second pitch should answer a series of questions in a simple, to the point, roll

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      Top 5 Ways to Get Out of Debt

      Prevent a Successful Career from Turning into an Unsuccessful Profit! This is not your normal message to spend less than you make. All of you probably already know that! I want to discuss with you factors I have

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      Top 5 Career Tips: Who is on Your Team?

      ‪#‎MotivationMonday‬ AS A LEADER, YOUR JOB ISN'T TO DO (OR EVEN KNOW) EVERYTHING. IT IS TO HAVE A TEAM WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO EVERYTHING... AND EMPOWER THEM TO DO IT! How are you empowering your team to get the job

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